Place of the Conference

The Philharmonic in Szczecin

The idea to build a new seat of the Philharmonic in the place of the now defunct Concert House (Konzerthaus) was born in 2004. The Philharmonic needed more and more modern space, because the institution "grew" from the then occupied wing of the City Hall. On the other hand, Szczecin saw the concert hall in the uprising

at the intersection of Małopolska and Matejki streets, a symbolic reference to the musical history of the city. Three years later, a competition for the concept of a new philharmonic was announced. From among the proposals of forty-four workshops from around the world, the jury chose a project developed by Barozzi / Veiga studio from Barcelona.

The ice block of the building already in the first phase of the implementation was hailed as a new icon of the city, and the portal recognized it as one of the most interesting investments in the country. The project also took the first place in the prestigious Eurobuild Awards 2014 competition in the Best Architectural Design of the Year category.

The interior of the philharmonic hall is over 12,000 square meters of space, spread over four floors, in which there are, among others: symphony hall, chamber chamber, rehearsal rooms, music store, cafe, spacious foyer and artists' rooms, instrument and office warehouse.

Symphony Hall, also known as the Sun Room, can accommodate 953-person audience. The perfect acoustics of the Solar Room has its source in the special geometry of walls and ceilings, developed by architects together with dr. Higini Arau, a Barcelona specialist in the field of architectural acoustics. All parameters of the symphonic hall (strength, uniformity of sound, time of delay and lateral reflection coefficient) give the effect compared to the model of this type of realization - the Musikverein concert hall in Vienna.

In a chamber room - designed for 192 people - the reverberation time is consistent with the projected one hundredth of a second. Hence, this room has been called the "acoustic pearl".

On a daily basis, the white facade of the Philharmonic can have many colors in different configurations. The ceremonial opening of the new headquarters took place with the start of the artistic season 2014/2015.